Swisspro Hospitality

Reduce Bottled Water Wastage

There is a norm where everyone is given bottled water for the special occasions. However, this is where huge waste of plastic generated if your guests left the water unfinished. One sip from bottled water, it has to be thrown away.

Change the bad practice to a sustainable way in serving your guest without causing more damages to the environment, and without compromising on the quality of drinking water.

We cater to Centralized and De-Centralized kitchen
to suit the operation of business and serve the users better

Swisspro Hospitality


  • Easily accessible for direct users (Self Help)
  • Suitable for large area / multiple floors
  • Sparkling Options to entice guests
Swisspro Hospitality


  • Self-Bottling by banquet staffs
  • Auto fill function to fit to different bottles size
  • Suitable in a centralized kitchen concept with minimum movement in between room